Warning Shot Charlieonnafriday Lyrics

Warning Shot Charlieonnafriday Lyrics Song is sung by Charlieonnafriday. The song is from the album

Warning Shot Charlieonnafriday Lyrics

Cut out my heart with novacaine
There’s nothing to numb the pain
And everything hurts

Who knew that hell could be heaven sent
I guess that’s what happens when a blessing gets cursed
Now she turned her silverado to a getaway
Just another wild horse that got out the gate
Now her tail lights burnin down the interstate
And I really wanna chase her I ain’t thinking straight
Thinking straight either way

She was gone by the sunrise
Started raining in the summertime
Picking pieces of my heart up off the floor

Girl I wish I had a warning shot
Of that 90 proof
Little liquor in my blood
When you told me were through yeah

Hold the rocks on the 42
Need a bottle in my hand
Just to handle the truth yeah
Gotta do what you gotta do
But the girl ain’t bulletproof

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