Wanted Gucci On My Buckle So I Had To Hustle Lyrics

Wanted Gucci On My Buckle So I Had To Hustle Lyrics. The song name is YNW Freestyle which is sung by YNW Melly, YNW Juvy & JGreen.

Wanted Gucci On My Buckle So I Had To Hustle Lyrics

[Intro: YNW Melly]
(Here comes Mr. Softie, the soft ice cream man
Delicious treats for the whole family
A soft ice cream store on wheels (On wheels))

[Verse 1: YNW Melly]
Made it through the struggle, got it off the muscle (Off the muscle)
Wanted Gucci on my buckle, so I had to hustle (Hustle, hustle)
Stomach growlin’ like a lion, I was really hungry (Dawg)
Ain’t nobody wanna help me, got it on my lonely (My lonely)
Jalen that my brother, we like Rich Homie and Thugger
Disrespect my whodie, then I’m shootin’ at your mother, huh (Your mother)
Boy I know you love her, cause’ you f^^k without a rubber, huh (Gucci)
If that bi^^h start actin’ up, just go and find another, huh (Sheesh)
Gucci, Louis, Hermes, and Givenchy on my body (Yeah)
Promethazine and Sprite, but I ain’t f^^kin’ with no molly (No way)
Big shoutout to Kodak Black, he follow me on Insta (Dang)
If you wanna chop it up, I put it in a blender (Blender)
Flokka smokin’ ni^^as, I ain’t got nothin’ to give ya’ (Bye)
I’m shootin’ out the sunroof, Sosa shootin’ out the window (Bang)
Yeah, this is a freestyle ni^^a you ain’t gotta ask me (Nah)
pu^^y squirtin’, mini skirt, I like my bi^^hes nasty, uh
And she make all A’s and B’s, I like my bi^^hes cla^^y, huh (Cla^^y)
Quarter pound of ganja pack, I stretch it like elastic, huh (Elastic)
Take you to the Gucci store, then flip it like gymnastics (Flip it)
Juugin and finessin’, we was counting all our blessings (For real)
Your bi^^h do the Melly pose cause I’m a living legend (For real)
[Verse 2: YNW Juvy]
I’m that ni^^a from the Ave, you don’t even know the half
Just a walk through my hood, pu^^y boy you need a pa^^
Tell the judge, “suck my d^^k”
And tell the state to kiss my a^^
Me and my team in first, while you pu^^y ni^^as in last
Crackas all on my d^^k cause they say I made a hit
When I grab the microphone, they like “Sosa you can spit”
When I f^^ked that ni^^a bi^^h, that really made that ni^^a sick
Shoutout to J Money cause that ni^^a there trick
Man she say she cannot love me cause she know that I’m a pimp
And I’m tired of eating noodles, man I really want that steak
Shoutout to anime cause baby girl got that cake
When she saw her friend suckin’ she like, “Can she have a taste?”
They like “Sosa you awake”
Please get the f^^k out my face
Cause bi^^h you been replaced
Cracka knockin’ on the door tryna give your boy a case
(Man sh^t crazy)
Momma cryin’ every night, grandma prayin’ every night
Man they call me Michael Jordan cause I’m finna take flight
When I get on the stage, bi^^hes turning on the light
And if you really wanna die, f^^k ni^^a I take your life

[Verse 3: JGreen]
I said Melly dropped the four, he mix promethazine and Sprite
Project baby, we was working hard all night
With them ootas I was lethal but my whip game was nicer
Steady screaming that she love me but she know I can not wife her
Young ni^^as rule the world, I got that young ni^^a paper
A ni^^a thing is sweet, I’ma send him to his maker
When I cum they gotta add up, ain’t talking calculator
These ni^^as on my trail but lil’ shawty keep that blazer
Shoutout to my brother Trell he show me how to use that laser
These ni^^as claim they real but we know that they be faking
Army Gang, they come through sliding and they deeper than some Haitians
Screaming free my ni^^a Savage up the road, we getting this waiter
Came straight from the bottom, headed straight to the top
Boy I’m all about that Fetty and I ain’t talking ’bout Wap
Pockets looking kinda thick, they gon’ thinking I’m serving knots
And I keep that Tony Parker so I know I can’t get robbed
Plus I kick it like Fifa, that lil’ ain, she a eater
Catch me slidin’ in the foreign, Louie loaf, his wife beater
Been in corners, I’m with Nina, and start saving when I’m squeezing
A ni^^a think I’m sweet, he gon’ try for any reason
Being broke can’t be an option, getting money, that’s a standard
When them things get to flashing, they gon’ think they a camera
Polo down to the floor and I ain’t dressing up the mannequin
Young ni^^a world, young ni^^a way, how y’all gon’ handle this