Until We Meet Again Stay Safe My Friend Lyrics

Until We Meet Again Stay Safe My Friend Lyrics. The song name is Two Again which is sung by Christian Burrows.

Until We Meet Again Stay Safe My Friend Lyrics

I would do anything just to be two years old again
Imagine what we could’ve done
Imagine what we could’ve been

Making paper planes till the sun goes down
I’d be holding your hand as you’re squeezing onto mine
Hold on tight, we shall never let go
Remember building castles out of old lego

Just to knock ’em down

See it’s changed, now you’re not around
I’m not the same but I hope you’re proud
I wish your little face was still around
With that cheesy smile, and them little chubby cheeks

Imagine all the mischief we’d get up to
Imagine us, tag team, one plus two
Imagine all the good, bad, sad, and happy times
Imagine all the time out, naughty step crimes

Stay up late, watch TV we couldn’t watch
We’d go to school, break the rules, play hopscotch
And climb trees, chase bees, just to act tough
And fight, fight, fight, fight over brother stuff
And sneak out late, play football, ’till the sun goes
My thunder buddy, I will keep you safe as you dose

Off to sleep, bed bugs, and counting sheep
Off to sleep, night, night, baby brother sleep
Until we meet again, Stay safe, my friend

And I will keep you in my thoughts ’till the very end
My little tele tubby, in the sky, with his smile
My little thunder buddy, I will see you in a while
I’m missing you

Like the sun on a rainy day
When the stars come out to play, Oh, Oh
I miss you
And I’m missing you
And I want to be with you, my friend
I just wish we could be two again…

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