Nameless Lyrics – Howie Stevie

Nameless Song is sung by Howie Stevie. The song is from the album

Nameless Lyrics – Howie Stevie

Lyrics From Snippet:

I’d Pray to God That You Would Choke
If I Had One
I’d Put a N**se Around Your Throat
If I Had One

Now I’d Put That This Bullet Through Your Skull
If I Had One
No I Don’t Have Proof but I Would Kill You
If I Had Some

I’d Go Right Back to When We Met
If I Only Could
Put Poison Thoughts Inside Your Head
Fuck You Up for Good

I’d Love to Torture You to Dead
And You Know I Would
To Make Sure the Cancer Doesn’t Spread

You Took Her Choice Away
Like She Was Your Prey
And I Bet She’s Not the Only One

If You Think It’s in the Past
And You’re Over That
I Would Only Ask
What Would Happen if I Said Your Name?

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