IDGAF Lyrics – Drake ft. Yeat

IDGAF Lyrics is sung by Drake ft. Yeat. The song is from the album “FOR ALL THE DOGS”.

IDGAF Lyrics

[Intro: Yeat]
Man, I don’t give a fuck who it is
I got my twizzy (BNYX)
I spent [?] from tryna go to [?]
Don’t give a fuck what y’all on
Man, fuck all of you (All of you)

[Chorus: Yeat]
Yeah, I don’t be givin’ no fucks (Not one), uh (Just pull up, pull up, woah)
I don’t know if you caught on (Caught on), I don’t be givin’ no fuck, huh
I say whatever I want, yeah, I do whatever I want, huh
I’m countin’ up money for fun
And I’m poppin’ these Percs just for fun (The E)
All of my twizz’ got a gun (Blam)
Couple of my twizz’ on the run (Phew)
Couple of my twizz’ sellin’ Runtz (The E)
Couple of my twizz’ cut ’em up (The E)
Yeah, couple of my twizz’ sell a bunch
Heard your money got took like it’s lunch (Huh)
We on the side and we punt
Bitch, I sleep in the day, I’on see sun (Uh-huh, yeah)
Big body Lamb’ truck sittin’ outside in the sun, it get you caught up, get you fried
You don’t really have no swag, so what you did?
Your little buddy tried to take mine (Woo)
I never needed no help, I never needed nobody, I ain’t wait in no line (Woo)
Gonna be a minute, tell the time
If you did the crime, bitch, why you cryin’?

[Verse 1: Yeat]
I just pulled up in a big body, I got a lot of money comin’ in
I just got off the phone with my demon and he told me that I’m gon’ win
I can’t be wasting time on the ‘net, I just be running up a fuckin’ check
Fuck the bitch, I make her sweat, huh, I’ma die by my respect, huh
I put a chain up on my neck, life check ya in the head
I signed for a couple milli’, you only touched a hundred thou’
Ain’t nobody steal ya style, ain’t nobody want yo’ sauce
Tell me who the fuck gon’ fall off, tell me who gon’ make it out?

[Verse 2: Drake]

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