Alone at the Edge of the Universe Humming a Tune Lyrics

Alone at the Edge of the Universe Humming a Tune Lyrics by Miracle Musical ft. Joe Hawley.

Song Name: Dream Sweet in Sea Major
Artist(s): Miracle Musical ft. Joe Hawley

Alone at the Edge of the Universe Humming a Tune Lyrics

First Movement

Alone at the edge of a universe humming a tune
For merely dreaming we were snow
A siren sounds like the goddess who promises endless apologies of paradise
And only she can make it right
So things are different tonight
We’ll go together in flight

[Verse 1]
It’s now and never, a reverie endeavor
Awaits somnambulant directives to take the helm
Believe me, darling, the stars were made for falling
Like melting obelisks as tall as another realm

[Bridge 1]
Un ensemble d’enfants, la galaxie s’étend
Jardin de l’imagination
Combler la lacune, voler face à la lune
Vois comme nous évoluons

[Verse 2]
It feels like flying, but maybe we’re dying
A cosmic confluence of pyramids hologrammed
She knows you heard her, staging music murder
Inline before the show began to be where I am

[Bridge 2]
(Children born of one emotion
Our devotion’s deepest ocean
No division reasoned we’ll be free)

[Verse 3]
To know we are beyond a bow
And lo, the hues arrange to show
It’s perfectly clear

Second Movement

[Verse 4]
You look quite divine tonight
Here among these vibrant lights
Pure delights surround us as we sail
Signed, yours truly, the whale
Joy mirage’s kingdom come
No one left at stake
Now that existence is on the wake
Let’s see what we can make

Third Movement

[Verse 5]
The part is wholly ending
A line in any final song
So long, so far
We will be atoning
At last eternal through the past
Above a blinding star

[Verse 6]
Bye, Hi, sigh, Hawaii
We never meant to part, sublime, thy art
One light higher than the sun
Invisible to some until it’s time

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